你的隐私是我们最关心的问题. Wetrok AG及其附属公司收取费用, process and use your personal data exclusively in keeping with the provisions of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and those of the Data Protection Act of Switzerland. 在下面, 我们将向您介绍它的性质, 收集及使用该等资料的范围及目的.

1. 访问数据/服务器日志文件

当您只是为了获取信息而访问我们的网站时——也就是说, 如果您不登录, 注册或向我们提供任何其他信息以使用立博app网站, 我们不会收集您的任何个人资料, with the exception of the data that your browser gives us in order to facilitate your visit to the site.


  • 你的IP地址
  • 查询的日期和时间
  • 与格林威治标准时间(GMT)的时区差异
  • 请求内容(特定页面)
  • 访问状态/ http状态码
  • 在每种情况下传输的数据量
  • 请求产生的网站
  • 推荐人的URL(之前访问过的页面)
  • 浏览器
  • 操作系统和接口
  • 浏览器软件的语言和版立博app
  • 提供者

2. 使用饼干

此外,当您使用网站时,cookie将存储在您的计算机上. Cookies are small text files which are stored on your hard disk with an attribution to the browser you are using, 因此,该网站放置cookie(我们, 在这种情况下)获得某些信息. Cookies不能执行程序或向您的计算机传输病毒. They serve for the purpose of making the internet service we offer more user-friendly and effective overall.

a) 立博app网站使用cookie的程度如下所述:

  • 临时cookie(临时使用)
  • 持久cookie(有时间限制的使用)
  • 第三方cookie(来自第三方提供商的cookie)
  • Flash cookie(永久使用)

b) 关闭浏览器后,会自动删除暂态cookie. 其中特别包括会话cookie. 后者存储一个“会话ID”, by means of which different queries of your browser can be assigned to the joint session. 因此,当你回到网站时,你的电脑可以再次被识别. 会话cookie会在注销或关闭浏览器时被删除.

c) 持久cookie会在指定的时间间隔后自动删除, 根据曲奇的不同可能会有所不同,但最多不会超过7天. 您可以在浏览器的安全设置中随时删除cookie.

d) 您可以配置您的浏览器设置以适应您的首选项. 这意味着您可以拒绝接受第三方cookie, 或者完全拒绝接受饼干. We beg to inform you 然而 that in that case you may be unable to use all the functions of this website.

e) 使用的Flash cookie不是由浏览器注册的,而是由Flash插件注册的. 它们独立于您所使用的浏览器存储必要的数据, 而且没有自动过期日期. 如果您不希望发生任何涉及Flash cookie的处理, 您必须安装适当的附加组件, e.g. “更佳私隐”火狐浏览器(http://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/betterprivacy/)或Adobe Flash杀手Cookie为谷歌Chrome.

This stored information is saved separately from any other data you may have submitted to us. 特别是cookies数据与您的其他数据没有关联.

3. 使用网络分析服务


立博app网站使用谷歌Analytics,谷歌公司的网络分析服务. (“谷歌”). 谷歌分析使用cookie.

The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website is as a rule transferred to a Google server in the USA and stored there. 因为我们的网站启用了IP匿名功能, within member states of the European Union and in other countries that are party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area your IP address will 然而 first be abbreviated by Google.

Only in exceptional cases will the full IP address be transmitted to a Google server in the USA and abbreviated there. 根据立博app网站经营者的指示, 谷歌将使用这些信息来评估您对网站的使用, to compile reports about website activities and to provide further services to the website operator associated with website and internet use.   

The IP address transmitted from your browser in connection with Google Analytics will not be brought together with other data by Google. You can prevent the storage of cookies by making the appropriate adjustment in the settings of your browser software; we beg to inform you, 然而, that in that case you may not be able to use all functions of this website to the full extent.

除了, you can prevent the registration on Google of the data generated by the cookie and related to your use of the website and processing of these data by Google (including your IP address), 透过以下连结下载及安装浏览器插件:


4. 第三方服务的参与

4.1. YouTube视频的参与

(1) 我们将YouTube视频作为我们在线演示的一部分. 这些存储在 www.youtube.com 可以直接从我们的网站播放. 它们都以“扩展数据保护模式”与网站链接, 也就是说, 如果您不播放视频,您作为用户的任何数据都不会被传输到YouTube. 只有当你播放视频时,上面第2节描述的数据才会被传输. 我们对这次数据传输没有影响.   
(2) Here are the address of YouTube and its URL, together with its notes on data protection:
YouTube有限公司,樱桃大道901号. 美国加州圣布鲁诺94066
http://www.google.德/ intl /德/ /Privacy Policy

5. 要求提供关于特定主题的资料

(1) 下的信息材料你可以向我们索取各种信息. 有些将通过邮件发送,有些通过电子邮件发送. 在某些情况下(e.g. 与传单)一次性信息涉及, 在其他情况下,它可能是经常性的资料(如目录). 但是,您可以在任何时候拒绝接收这些信息, 可以通过电子邮件(dataprotection@409.theowlnestonline.com), by fax to +41 43 255 53 79 or by a postal communication to the address given in our Publishing Details.
(2) 您同意接收该等信息的说明如下:
是的, until such time as I opt out (which it is possible for me to do at any time) I would like to continue to receive information about the subjects in which I have indicated an interest, 邮寄, 电子邮件或电话, 并同意以电子方式收集我的资料, 由Wetrok AG及其附属公司加工和使用. 我可以在任何时候通过电子邮件(dataprotection@wetrok)选择退出.com), by fax to +41 43 255 53 79 or by a postal communication to the address given in Wetrok’s Publishing Details. No transmission or sale of my data to third parties for advertising  purposes will take place.

6. 正确的信息

You have the right to apply for and to be given information free of charge about the personal data relating to you that have been stored by us. 除了 users have the right to call for the correction of data where these are incorrect, 并阻止或删除他们的个人数据, 提供的数据不受任何压倒一切的法定保留义务的约束.

7. 应用程序

在申请过程中保护您的数据对我们来说非常重要. 我们只处理与应用程序相关的数据. Along with contact details (first name, last name, address, phone number, e-mail address etc.), 这包括与应用程序(CV)相关的所有数据, 参考文献, 文凭/证书, 回答问题等.). 如双方同意报销差旅费, 有关银行资料或邮寄资料的资料可能会被收集和处理.

We collect and process your personal application data exclusively for the intended purpose of filling the position for which you have applied. Of course, your data will be treated as confidential and only forwarded to the necessary individuals. Your personal data will not be forwarded to other companies in the Wetrok or Diethelm Keller Group unless you have previously given us your express consent. 您的个人资料不会转移给第三方.

In the event that your profile matches another open position in the Wetrok or Diethelm Keller Group, we will also obtain your consent in advance before forwarding personal application data to the necessary individuals. 

You have the right to change or delete your personal application data at any time as long as this does not oppose the fulfilment of rights and obligations vis-à-vis public authorities or the preservation of mutual interests.

没有法定保留期的, the data will be erased as soon as storage is no longer required or when the legitimate interest in storage ceases to apply. 如果你没有被录用的话, this occurs no later than six months after the application process has concluded or after our last contact with you.

在个别情况下,特定数据可能存储较长时间. 例如, data connected with potential remuneration of travel costs is subject to the retention regulations under the 瑞士 Code of Obligations concerning accounting and archiving business documents.

在申请过程中, we may engage service providers who are subject to our instructions to assist in the areas of EDP, 存档和销毁文件. 如果我们在门户网站上发布招聘启事, we often offer the additional option of submitting the application using an application management tool. These tools are typically offered and hosted by service providers who are also subject to our instructions.

如果你没有被录用,但你的申请仍然是我们感兴趣的, 我们会积极询问是否可以保留你的申请作为未来的职位空缺. If you consent, we will store your personal application data for 12 additional months at most.

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